A Summer Schedule

Turns out, summer is hot. Really hot. As we Michiganders begin the summer season (a.k.a. “praying for a snowstorm” season | a.k.a. “construction season”), I am reminded just how quickly the summer arrives. And how quickly it seems to come to an end with a blink.

How many summers have I said that I “…really really want to do (something)”, or “We have to make sure we do this this year!” And before I know it, there’s snow on the ground. Not this year, people!


I was introduced to this 115 Summer Bucket List, and I plan to add to it. While obvious summer activities include “continue home improvements” and “don’t kill the garden,” this list is a good basic staple to have, so that I don’t run across another repeat of wondering what I’ve done all summer once it’s over.
BONUS: Most items are free or very cost effective! ❤
BONUS #2: Many of the indoor events can be doubled up in winter!

What other summer activities would you add to your list?

-thrifty hollander


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Marcia Van Popering says:

    Read 10 books, just ordereda paint by sticker book-how easy is that, paint something a new color, get a cat

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    1. @Marcia all great goals – I especially like “get a cat” 😻


  2. Julie says:

    I am especially interested in the world record that you are going to attempt. Do share!


  3. Julie says:

    Also add to the list – work on adult coloring book outside with a cold drink


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