Sweeten the Deal with Honey

When shopping online, upon Googling “[store name] coupon,” a ton of results pop up but it’s a crapshoot trying to find one that works, right? I totally feel you, and I have your solution. It’s real, it’s true.

I randomly ran across the Honey app, sent to humanity from above. Here’s a brief description:

  1. Head to the www.joinhoney.com
  2. “Get Honey for Free” and add the extension to your browser (it works with most browsers)
  3. Shop your favorite stores listed on the website (I promise there are more than you think!)
  4. The app automatically applies discount codes (that work!) to your online shopping basket at checkout
  5. You save those dollar dollar bills!

That’s it! But that can’t be right – it’s too easy. My thoughts exactly. So I tested it at target.com. The app saved me $12. Confirmed – this money-saving free app is pure GOLD. You need to do it; you need to do it now.

Head to the Honey app for more information. You’re only hurting yourself by not trying it! Thoughts are welcome – how did Honey save you $$?



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