Make America BuzzFeed Again

As a lover of both fun and affordable/cheap entertainment, thriftyhollander is proud to introduce to you: BuzzFeed. Prep yo’self.

I’m convinced that this hilariously (almost) pointless website was established by two middle aged basement-dwellers looking to host one of the world’s biggest jokes. Thing is, I’m pretty sure it’s an incredibly and unbelievably successful website. I’d love to see the CTR on this one.

I was introduced to the BuzzFeed page by my stunningly all-knowing Facebook news feed. Upon first glace after reading the headline, which read something to the likes of, “Top 12 Kitchen Gadgets You’ll Never Use” I obviously passed it right along as spam. But temptation wouldn’t allow me to not scroll back up and check it out.

Hello, my name is thriftyhollander. I am a BuzzFeed addict. If you haven’t yet, please do yourself a favor, click on the “spam,” and enjoy.

My personal favorite articles usually involve a list of some sort. A few examples:

24 Clever Little Products That’ll Keep Your Hands Busy
18 Photos That Won’t Make Sense To Sisterless Families
29 Memes You Should Send To Your Co-Worker Right Now

And a bonus (actually useful) one:
25 Cheat Sheets That Make Cooking Healthier Less Of A Freaking Chore

Each link is a quick scroll-down list, providing about one or two minutes of free entertainment. Nicely done, BuzzFeed. You’ve figured out this world.

But don’t stop there. No, you simply must check out the BuzzFeed video section too. Thank me later.

Please share your favorite free entertainment and/or BuzzFeed article!



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