How to Throw an Easy Mexican Themed Party

And so it was: my 31st birthday came and went.

It got me thinking: what would my birthday party look like if I were to have one? I am not the typical lover of attention, so no, there wasn’t a party this year (maybe when I’m 40…or even better, 50?). If there were to be one though, as a proud thrifter, the simpler the better. What’s easier, cheaper, and not to love about a Mexican birthday party?!

A few Mexican birthday party necessities below:

  • Printable Pom Polka-Dot Party Hats. Nothing says birthday party like party hats. These cute DIY printable hats are sure to get the party started. Pair with some cheap dollar store noise makers and let the festivities begin! Bonus if you’re able to find some cheap maracas.
  • Printable Pin the¬†Candle on the Cupcake. How adorable is this clip art cupcake? Print one large cupcake and enough candles for your party goers and bada-boom-bada-bing, an entertaining party game!
  • Food. No ifs, ands, or buts: you NEED to make these Fried Burritos. Amazingly easy AND delicious. Toss on some hot taco sauce, lettuce, cheese and sour cream to satiate any appetite. Serve with chips, queso and guac (obviously).
  • Drink. To wash down the burritos:¬†Easy Strawberry Margaritas. Okay, probably not the cheapest option (although virgin margaritas are certainly an option), but man, will these get the party started!
  • Mini pinata (video below). You just can’t not have it.

Some day, once my Mexican themed birthday party happens, I will post photos (wearing a sombrero, of course). Until then, please share your easy and cheap birthday ideas here!

-thrifty hollander


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