Essential Oils: Are they really essential?

I’ve heard about essential oils and their so-called naturalistic properties for years now, but had my doubts and repercussions about them. Could they really be as wonderful and safe as everyone makes them seem?

So I attended a doTERRA oils class that my sister invited me to with an open but cautious mind. I must say, it was a bit overwhelming to hear all about the oils and what each of them could supposedly do for you. Even for a person who loves learning, this was information overload. I went home with just a few tiny sample bottles that the representative had given me to try out. Little did I know I would try them very soon.

The next morning I awoke with a sore throat. I googled “essential oil for sore throat” and recommended to me was peppermint oil along with lavender oil. Who would know – these two happened to be two of the six samples I had received the night before. I spread a drop of each directly on my throat, and the next minute was simply unbelievable: my sore throat completely disappeared! I was in disbelief at this bottled black magic; what was really in these tiny bottles?!

From that moment on, I was halfway hooked. This likely was a freak experience; there’s a 50% chance I might be convinced at this point. That night, I put a drop of lavender on my husband and I’s pillows to “help us sleep.”

No joke: we both woke up the most rested and refreshed we’ve felt in a long time (with absolutely no prompting or bribing on my end)! From that moment on, I was convinced that essential oils really do work – they are not a hoax! Now I had to decide which ones to start with. Was this a decision.

I googled my main issues (sore muscles, cold/flu, headache, stress, etc.) and came up with a barrage of six oils I thought would solve most of my problems. I ended up with peppermint, lavender, rosemary, frankincense, roman chamomile, and eucalyptus.

What value have we found from buying essential oils? We’re about three months in after purchasing, and we’ve used maybe 1/16th of each bottle…if that. Of course, we use some oils much more often than others (peppermint and lavender are two favorites, along with eucalyptus), and each bottle has a different price point dependent upon available resources and ease of bottling (i.e. if eucalyptus is on shortage one year, the oil would be more costly).

This is where I look to see the ROI; a bottle of peppermint oil cost me $25 but only 1/16th gone over a three month time period, and we use it every single night and wake up much more rested. To me, that ROI is priceless!

Even better ROI: check out the doTERRA Special Offers page – such deals! ❤

If you’re on the fence (or even completely opposed) to essential oils, I encourage you to try them again. Be sure what you’re getting is 100% pure (there are many producers who dilute them), do your research on both company and oil authenticity, use only as directed (some you cannot ingest), and reap the benefits of being chemical free!

I’d love to hear about your favorite essential oils. Or, are/were you a skeptic like me?

-thrifty hollander


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  1. I don’t know if it’s an essential oil but I love oil of cloves for cleaning mould


    1. @sydneybudgetmum Thanks for the tip – I love how clove smells too!


  2. Julie says:

    I consider essential oils similar to what folks a few hundred years ago were utilizing for healing and wellness. My favorites are doTerra’s OnGuard for increasing immunity, oregano for fending off the crud when starting to feel a sore throat or stuffy nose, and melaleuca for skin health.


    1. @julie Absolutely – this is the same outlook I have on essential oils. If they worked then, they certainly can’t hurt. Love your suggestions for ideas on how to use a few not-so-common oils – thanks for the suggestions!


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