Update: DailyOM Review

As promised in my previous New Year| New You post, here is my update on my 21 Day Yoga Shred by DailyOM.com.

When I signed up for the program with an open mind and body, I could hardly wait to begin. My schedule at the time wasn’t incredibly open, but I started the first video in the 21 day series on a Saturday.

The first lesson consisted of 6…yes, 6 videos. Unfortunately I was not able to view the Lessons ahead of time, so having allotted 40 minutes to my workout that day was not efficient enough (I guess). Here’s a breakdown of Lesson 1:

Video 1: A welcome video, was 17 and a half minutes of the instructor talking at a table, “prepping” me, which I didn’t really get much out of.
Video 2: A 4 minute “modification of poses,” was one I didn’t feel I needed after viewing.
Video 3: 35 minutes of “alignment flow,” after which I didn’t break a sweat and was far too beginner for me.
Video 4: A 5 and a half minute “shred warm-up flow” was extremely slow moving, so I cut that one short and moved on to video 5.
Video 5: A 12 minute “shred cool-down flow” (I never realized a cool down should be two and a half times as long as the warm up?). Also very slow moving.
Video 6: The final(ly!) video was  a 70 minute “power hour,” which I did not even attempt until the next day, as I had already well overdone my planned 40 minute workout for the day. Bad taste left in my mouth.

Upon completion of Lesson 1 (the next day):
Video 6 (“power hour”): I was pretty disappointed. I quite frankly was bored the entire 70 minutes. The poor video quality, unengaging content, and lack of breaking a sweat combined was a breaking point for me. I had spent over an hour “working out” and it didn’t even get me a good workout. If the video wasn’t so long (with a lot of unutilized down time), I would have time to squeeze a real workout in. Strike two.

The third and final strike came upon Lesson 2, when, once again, I had allotted a certain amount of time for my workout that day. I didn’t know (and there was no way to tell) until logging in on that day, that in the lesson itself were 3 different videos:

Video 1: A 6 minute video explaining “how to get more from your yoga”
Video 2: A 15 minute video on “core and alignment” and,
Video 3: A “5 minute core strength” video.

Once again, I did not break a sweat, or come close to it. Strike three: you’re out!

As excited as I was to begin DailyOM, I don’t know that I can express my pure disappointment for its lack of engagement, both physically and mentally. Although the program is at first glance a very good value, I’m not sure that the content is there to really provide what is expected.

thriftyhollander rating: one star out of five.

Please do let me know if your experience was a great one – perhaps I just was unlucky and chose the wrong program.



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