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As the new year rings itself in, many of us set a goal to practice a healthier lifestyle and maintain, so that next year’s resolution may become something different. As busy lifestyles and limited time to exercise cause us to drop our goals (usually at a steady pace), the hope continues that maybe next year we’ll be able to stick to our resolution.

My Facebook feed algorithm comes to the rescue once again. It suggested I check out something called DailyOM. With a photo highlight of someone doing a yoga pose, how could this longtime fan of hot yoga not check it out (how does Facebook know?!). I must say, even at first glance, this is one of the best health ideas I’ve seen thus far. With this plan, I find no excuses – it really can work for anyone! NOTE: statements below are based solely on the 21 Day Yoga Shred workout. As I discover other workouts, I will make further notes.

  1. It only costs $10. Say what?! This Dutch girl read further! There is an option to pay whatever you’re able to ($10, $25, or $40), so dependent upon income status at the time of purchase, choose whichever you feel comfortable with. BONUS: you get to keep the videos for years to come. What an ROI!
  2. There are multiple programs to choose from. There are many different courses, including beginner yoga, a yoga shred, and some overall well being classes; one of which is sure to meet your workout style and goals, mind or body. Once you’re done with one, move on to another. NOTE: the minimal $10 fee does apply with each set of workouts. Still a great deal as far as I can see.
  3. The workouts are a reasonable length. Who has an hour to workout?! At a glance, most workout sessions seem to be 35 minutes or less in length, so you can surely find the time in your busy day, morning, noon, or night.
  4. There is no strict diet plan. The intro course overview page outlines a few general tools you should pay attention to, but there is not a strict diet book to follow. They do post some really great recipes, though. Could be seen as a pro or a con, depending on your self-restriction style (wink).
  5. The plan includes mental health exercises. DailyOM focuses on improving yourself as a whole, not just the physical aspect. I’ve found that working on the whole body truly allows me to focus during my workouts, and I feel ready for whatever life throws at me. I receive daily emails and can take a look around the DailyOM blog as often as I’d like.

Tomorrow, I begin my first workout, focusing on the DailyOM 21 Day Yoga Shred. I plan to do my best to implement the daily workout (let’s be honest – it may take me longer than 21 days), clean and healthy eating, and working to improve my mental spirit and well being. Once completed, I will surely post an update so you can see how it worked for me.

What is your 2017 resolution? Please comment!

-thrifty hollander


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  1. Julie says:

    I have several initiatives for 2017, all focused on being the best me I can be. A few of them are 1) make exercise a habit, 2) meal plan each week, and 3) pray several times a day. Good luck on your healthier 2017!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good luck to you as well Julie – I’d love to hear about your progress throughout the year!


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