2017 Blog Resolutions

As 2016 ends, a reflection on blogging and overall thoughts deemed necessary.

When I began thrifty hollander in August, my goals were to provide and share great deals, DIY life hacks, delicious budget-conscious recipes, affordable ways to update the home or wardrobe, and everything in between. In conforming with the masses, I present to you my thrifty hollander New Year’s resolutions and goals.

  1. “Insta of the Month.” The first post of each month will be dedicated specifically to my most popular Instagram photo during the previous 30 days. Find me @raealisa
  2. Stick with a continuous theme. I’d like to start a series of consecutive blog posts on a specific topic. Teaser: (coming soon) “Around the World Cooking Challenge.” Post #1: Netherlands | Post #2: Thailand
  3. Post original photos. I know how to photograph rather well (if I do say so myself), and have taken a few courses on professional photography. Now if I could just remember to document… #thestruggleisreal
  4. Gain a following. I love blogging. I love reading others’ blogs. Writing a blog and reading others’ blogs is all about sharing the love. So I will follow you and hope you follow me too!
  5. Provide information, not just fun facts. My goal in 2017 is to provide you with specific tools, lists, hacks, etc. so you need only to come to thrifty hollander to get all the information needed regarding a specific topic. This will be a big challenge, requiring a lot of research (and thus time on my part), but I strive to do it in hopes that it will benefit you further.

I am always open to feedback and ideas/requests for blog posts – please do not hesitate to let me know what you’d like to see.

Thanking you for a great first year of thrifty hollander, and wishing you and yours the best, happiest, healthiest 2017 you could ask for.

-thrifty hollander


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