Christmas Gift – Giving to More Than One

I recently stumbled upon a company I’d never heard of during my last-minute Christmas shopping: Love Your Melon.

I was scrolling through my Facebook feed one night, when the new algorithm suggested that I like the Love Your Melon page. Cute hats? No problem, liked. Once I checked them out, I was a bit taken back by the pricing. $30 for a hat? It’s cute, but I’m not sure it’s worth that price… #dutchgirldilemmas

I was compelled to read further. I learned that 50% of profits are donated to kids with cancer. Talk about a heartstring pull! This topic is very close to my heart (more on this in a later post, I’m sure), and without further thought, I decided that each name on my Christmas list, whether young, old, male or female, would be receiving a Love Your Melon hat (myself included). Only problem was that to receive them in time for my Christmas party last weekend, I would have had to stumble upon them much earlier. #bummeddutchgirl

You better believe these are on my list next Christmas. And it looks like they’re starting to also sell Love Your Melon shirts and blankets, too. I beg you to check out these adorable – and practical! – charitable gift items. They are certainly worth every penny spent.

Check them out and share your findings!

  • thrifty hollander



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