A Cyber Monday for the Books

This Cyber Monday was one like none in the past, as I made a conscious decision to forgo the (awesome!) sales. Despite the hundreds of very tempting emails, overindulgence on Black Friday – although I purchased items that were really and truly needed – called for a money-spending revolt.

What, may you ask, would cause such a deal-loving Dutch girl to withhold funds on such a deal-eriffic day? Perhaps my list of Black Friday finds and a grand total will shed some light on this puzzling riddle:

Washer & Dryer Original price $1100 Our price $750
Mattress (king size!) Original price $1600 Our price $800
Bed Frame Original price $40 Our price $40 (no savings, but needed)
Bed Headboard Original price $100 Our price $80
Down Comforter Original price $250 Our price $50
950 Thread Count Sheets Original price $220 Our price $50
Puffy Coat (for both him & her) Original price $320 Our price $110 (combined)
Puffy Vest Original price $40 Our price $15
A few sweaters Original price $40 Our price $14
A few fancy necklaces Original price $20-25 Our price $6
Grand Total Original price $3735 Our price $1915

You can now understand my avoidance of Cyber Monday spending. To add to my weekend excitement, Target had 15% off the entire store on Sunday (the entire store!?), so of course I had to grab some items we needed anyway: a new curtain rod for the bay window, storage bins for Christmas and holiday items, cleaning items, etc. Needless to say, my spending cap has been met until next quarter! Although no Cyber Monday specials were had this year, this Dutch chick couldn’t be more satisfied with the ultimate savings from Black Friday/the entire weekend.

Would you let me live vicariously through your Cyber Monday steals? Please do share!

  • thrifty hollander



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