Tales of a Vintage Home: Front Yard Renovation

Snow season is closing in on us Michiganders (nooooooo!), so we decided it was high time we buckle down and renovate our front yard. A much needed facelift before the snow flies.

We had a local contractor whip up a FREE (may the heavens rejoice!) 3D computer generated graphic of what our house would look like with our parameters of easy upkeep and a few colors. Since I kill literally any plant placed under my care (this is not an exaggeration – literally, every plant), we went with his suggestions. Zero creativity on this front.

Once the Bobcat had done its work on the nightmarish ivy and laid a few landscaping rocks, we got serious about renovating. This was my first time looking at prices of plants and trees, and the Dutch girl in me immediately withdrew; $180 for a 3-foot tree?! That “1” in front of the other two numbers must be a misprint. To my horror, pricing was correct, and I was convinced that our front yard would continue as a dirt pile. Much to my surprise, though, we learned that rocks, woodchips, trees and plants are on sale in the fall, when prices are slashed exponentially to clear out for the winter months. Man, was it worth the wait.

We ended up with the below list of greeneries; a few are pictured above:

Boxwood Original price $26 Our price $18.20 x 3 = $54.60
Dianthus Original price $5 Our price $3.50 x 4 = $14
Mini lilac bushes Original price $22 Our price $15.40 x 2 = $30.80
Japanese maple tree Original price $140 Our price $84
Green fillers from a friend FREE

At a slim total of $183.40 for a complete front yard greenery renovation, this budget-conscious girl was skipping out of the plant nursery. We are ready for new life next Spring. I look forward to melted snow (it hasn’t even begun!).

Do you have any tips on when or how to purchase something at a fraction of the original cost? Please share the “wealth!”

-thrifty hollander


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