A Creme Brulee Corn Adventure

I went to Chicago this past weekend and dined for the first time at Harry Caray’s: a delicious Italian pub sports bar named after the beloved sports announcer. One of my girlfriends recommended we try the crème brulee corn. The light, fluffy creamy texture, combined with the sweet corn and caramelized crunchy topping that almost tasted like dessert was too good to not try and reinvent. And so I did.

The recipe I followed was from Food Network, with a few tweaks – in thrifty Hollander style – of course. Ingredients were very cheap (I only made enough for two and it cost just $4.70 total), and although wait time seemed to drag as it set (and my tastebuds watered), every minute invested was worth it

Here’s what I did:


Half bag of frozen sweet corn, unthawed
¼ tablespoon butter
¾ cup heavy cream
¼ cup 2% milk
2 egg yolks
¼ cup granulated sugar
1/8 cup coarse sugar
Pinch of paprika

It actually turned out very close to the original, besides the paprika I added. If you like, throw a healthy pile onto a toasted crusty bread (although it’s not above me to shove a spoonful in my mouth, no bread needed).

And of course I forgot to snap a pic (d’oh!), but I will certainly be making this delectable dish again very very soon and will remember to post a photo for you to admire.

What special tweaks would you suggest? Bonus points if you create it and post below!

-thrifty hollander

*A fun(ny) tidbit from my first Harry Caray’s experience: We had gone on the Chicago Crime & Mob Tour just before our dining experience and learned that mobster Frank Nitti’s money safe and secret pathway was in the basement of Harry Caray’s. We wandered downstairs while waiting for our food, to find, what we thought at the time was a human foot. After about a half hour of deciding whether we needed to call the cops, turns out it’s cemented into the wall. Hilarious guys, hilarious.


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