Fenn Valley Wine Tour

It’s become a tradition each year: a Fenn Valley Vineyards wine tour. I tell everyone I know that they must experience it.

For just $10 per person, you choose a time to load onto the hayride wagon to begin your adventure. Upon check-in you are handed a wine glass for sampling, which you get to take home – I was particularly excited to see they had revamped their outdated logo this year (the marketer in me nerded out). Once the wagon of about 15 people starts rolling, the fun begins. And it doesn’t stop.

Down the hill, into the depths of the 230 acres of vineyards you all go. At stop #1 you sample a few white wines and the tour guide provides a very detailed report of the green grape used for chardonnay and some other whites. An actual grape bunch right off the vine is passed around so you can taste these juicy parcels prior to their wine fate. On to stop #2, where a few more whites are sampled, and more facts (maybe more than I’d like to know, but I’m certainly enjoying myself at this point) are given. Then, stop #3 comes along: The Reds. At this point, everyone’s having a wonderful time, and perhaps one or two are really paying attention to the wealth of information spilling from the tour guide’s lips.


Once the wagon takes the bumpy journey across the road, to the “sweeter” grapes for dessert wine, including their 42 Ice Wine, the tour has just about ended. About 20 minutes at this stop, and you’re unloading and off to purchase your wine (which, they give you a coupon for, by the way). My favorite part: you can wander up to the wine tasting counter for two more complimentary samples of your choice. Feeling like you need a little more? No problem! Just $5 gets you a cool 7 additional samples. My husband and I utilized our two free, and purchased 7 more to share. We were good to go.

I highly encourage anyone and everyone to book this tour! It makes for a great afternoon out at a very affordable price.

I’d love to hear your reviews/see photos of your favorite wine tour!

-thrifty hollander


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