Apple Crisp to Live For

One of my very favorite parts of fall is the food. Obsessed with the Food Network (I once was a Pampered Chef consultant; my way of pretending I was a star on the network. Don’t judge.), fall tends to bring around some of the best and tastiest foods.

My in-laws helped us this past weekend with planting new greens in the backyard (a post to come next spring, once we make a little more progress – wait until you see the before and after photos! It’s a completely different yard), and brought with them a surprise bushel of apples. I must admit, I forgot it was that time of year again, and was beyond overjoyed knowing that the weekend would be one of gorging myself on my absolute favorite fall classic: apple crisp. Plus, free food? Yes please!

You know, this dessert (or breakfast!?) is truly a labor of love. I thought I’d try the apple crisp recipe from 10 cups of apples isn’t a task for the weary. But, thanks to my Pampered Chef apple wedger, once peeled, slicing and coring is a breeze. I highly recommend splurging the $15 over the dollar store version if you cook with or eat apples even once or twice a year; it is a valuable time-saver. A bop in the oven for about 45 minutes, and bata-bing-bata-boom, your entire house smells like grandma’s macintosh pie. My favorite part is opening the oven door to see the thinly sliced apples bubbling with sugary buttery goodness. Mouth = watering.

There’s something about the mixture of the comforting cinnamon-y sugar-y soft apple combined with the buttery sweet crunch of the “crisp.” Throw some french vanilla ice cream on top (it must be french vanilla…plain vanilla is simply NOT the same!), and I have no problem eating an entire 9×13 pan within 24 hours.

Let’s just say breakfast tomorrow morning is taken care of. And probably lunch too.

Try this or your favorite apple-y fall recipe and comment with your best tip on how to make the job easier. Enjoy!

-thrifty hollander


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