Thrifty Hollander – Velcom!

The new girl on the block – my official new title. A little intimidating, but the world is my oyster, as so many opportunities and unscathed territory await my exploration. There’s a new bar to set – and I plan to set it pretty darned high.

I’m a blessed born Dutch girl, who’s lived her whole life (of 30 years, thank you very much) in West Michigan. Twenty minutes is all that separates me from Holland, Mich., the “Netherlands of the United States.” The town is complete with Nelis’ Dutch Village, a Netherlands themed park, De Klomp Wooden Shoe factorydeBoer Bakkerij Restaurant, an authentic Holland tradition, Windmill Island, and, you guessed it – Tulip Time, an annual week-long celebration of all things Dutch. Food trucks line the entire city of Holland as it’s engulfed in special events and deals, including but not limited to Dutch Klompen dancers, Dutch guest bands, special T-shirts, restaurant specials, and free beach celebrations on Lake Michigan. A wonderful time for all. Viering!

So, you see, thriftiness is in fact in my blood. And I think I’m pretty gifted at it, all things considered. I’ve been complimented on my ability to search for the best Happy Hours in town, doubling, or even tripling-up on store sales/deal-of-the-day/coupons (although I must admit I haven’t yet gotten into the talent of “couponing,” which apparently is, in fact, a real word by definition of Merriam-Webster), and hitting up the local flea markets for those dime-a-dozen deals.

With a little bit of effort and research ahead of time, you, too, can save a dime – or even a few bucks – along the way. Please visit frequently, comment your thoughts, suggestions, and feedback, and I hope we can all learn – and help! – each other.

Velcom. I hope you enjoy.

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  1. finkelstein says:

    Welkom in de WordPress blogosphere!


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